Today’s consumers are busy. They do not want to learn about your products or service by reading long texts. Studies show that when it comes to learning about a product or service, almost 70% of consumers prefer videos over text. 

It’s better if you can include videos on your website to facilitate conversions. The same goes for your brochure. 

Brochures are generally full of text and consumers find it tiring to go through all the written material and find out about your business. So, instead of conventional brochures, it would be much better if you opt for video mailers.

An eye-catching video brochure can help you boost your brand and draw in new customers. With an attractive video in print brochure, you can stand apart from your competitors. The moment consumers see the video brochure they will associate your brand with something premium and thus the perceived value of your business will increase resulting in more conversions. 

However, you need to design your video brochures carefully to make them attractive and check if all the information you want to include gets included in the brochure. Here are some tips to make create your video brochure. 

Have a Purpose

The first thing you need to decide is the purpose of your brochure. Why are you creating them? You must set a goal that you want to meet by designing your video brochure.

For example, you can create a video brochure to generate leads, sales, or boost brand awareness. 

Giving your brochure a purpose will help you choose the right video to include in your video mailer. Do you want to generate brand awareness? You can include a company culture video in your brochure which will introduce your business to prospective clients. 

Do you want to boost product sales? You can include a product demo or tutorial video in your brochure. 

Keeping the purpose of your brochure in your mind will also help you create the right CTA for your videos. What do you want your customers to do after they watch the video? Include a CTA that’s compelling and urgent. 

Make the Branding Consistent

Before creating your video brochure, you must consider your brand and be consistent with your other marketing campaigns. Consistent branding will mean that your customers can move between your marketing campaigns with ease. 

So, include brand elements from your existing campaigns. Pull elements like font, voice, tone, colors, and imagery styles from your existing marketing campaigns to make your branding consistent across all channels and make your brand have a distinct personality. 

Use High-Quality Images

If you want to appear high-quality and professional, you need to include high-quality images and videos. Using sub-quality images can have a pretty negative impact on your prospective clients. So, you can use help from a professional photographer or videographer to make your video brochure appear high-quality.

Using quality images will make your brand look more appealing and the perceived value of your brand will increase. 

A pixelated image or video is sure to be noticed by the consumers and you don’t want that to happen. Instead, work with a professional video brochure expert to make sure your brochure looks the best. 

Working with a professional brochure design team will make sure your video mailer looks the best. 

Have a Good UX

When designing a video brochure, always have the user experience (UX) in mind. How will people feel when using your brochure? If your brochure is difficult to read or is not legible, it can create a huge negative impact and can be frustrating for the users.

Instead, use UX design trends to make the brochure have a positive impact on people.

There are some general rules you can follow. For example, avoid using large chunks of text. For clear readability and comprehension, break your text using headings and subheadings. 

Choose fonts that are easy to read and comprehend. Avoid using multiple font styles though. Using two different font styles should be good to go. 

These are the simple tips you need to keep in mind while designing a video in print brochure. You can follow these tips to make your brochure attractive that will help your business to stand out from the crowd.

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